Creating excerpts for WordPress

Today I was going through my blog, and I decided I wanted to make all of the articles into excerpts on the front page (instead of full articles) to make the blog easier to navigate and read.

On the Internet, readers want to read short snippets, they want to see pictures, and they want to be able to skim, reading headlines and captions. This is one of the reasons listicles are so popular!

By showing the reader a short taste of what I’m writing about, it will hopefully get more people to read more articles on this blog instead of losing interest after scrolling through one or two long articles on something they already know, or aren’t interested in. Continue reading

“The Launch Party” – why you should have one

So you’ve started your beauty blog, and you just know it’s going to be incredible.

Why not have a launch party?

Launch parties are a relatively traditional marketing tool, but don’t scoff – there is genuine value to be found in a well-executed launch party.

This past week, I volunteered as a photographer for the launch of my good friend Tannis’s book, A Book of Word Paintings. Continue reading

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello beauty bloggers, it’s me! 

Last week was reading week, and today is the day my creative thesis project is due, so I’ve been really busy. I’ve been working on growing my following on Facebook as part of my project, please give me a follow and a like at Community Living Selkirk! 

I’ll be back next week with more beauty blogging advice, promise!

Until then,


Content Creation Planning

As far as content creation goes, planning is where it’s at – if you plan out your content, you can be so much more effective with posting when you intend to and creating fantastic content.

Today I did a photo shoot in the studio with a friend of mine who needed a headshot, and we decided to take advantage of the time we had with the equipment – she had two different outfits, and I took some photos that I will use on social media and in a different blog post coming soon (a how-to review!).

We spent just over an hour in the studio taking photos, but we were able to accomplish several different things during that time. Continue reading

How to become a beauty blogger: the satirical take

CollegeHumor created this great video called “Every Beauty Vlogger Ever”.

For those of us who watch a lot of beauty bloggers’ YouTube videos, it’s hilarious, scarily (almost) accurate (besides the brand shoutouts, we all know those should be completely honest!), and totally awesome at the same time. Enjoy!

Who is your favourite beauty blogger? Do they do anything like this in their videos? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,